HR Advisory

Human Resource Solutions assist clients in managing the fixed costs of the HR function. Our HR advisory services include:

  • Part-time leadership of the HR function
    • Companies who cannot yet justify a full-time senior HR professional
  • Project leadership for critical HR programs
  • Interim leadership
    • Clients transitioning from one HR leader to another
  • Additional areas of expertise include:
    • Designing programs to attract, retain, and motivate employees
    • Integrating compensation and incentive systems
    • Implementation of performance management programs
    • Improving corporate culture, corporate communication and organizational effectiveness
    • Merger and acquisition due diligence and the development of integration programs
    • Implementation of cost savings programs and restructuring initiatives
    • Performing site selection and workforce analysis

Performance Assessment

When a valued employee is failing, a company loses money and market opportunity. Poor performance is rarely an employee’s sole responsibility; rather it is a combination of factors. Our Performance Assessment service analyzes the failing executive and concurrent organizational issues that may be contributing to the problem. Immediate solutions are developed and implemented to address both and enhance company and employee productivity.

Coaching and Counseling

Human Resource Solutions provides coaching and counseling to senior executives and individuals who traditionally, have been valued contributors, but now have reached an impasse in their careers, possibly resulting in declining productivity, probation or dismissal due to performance or behavioral problems. Services include:

  • Problem Identification and Assessment
  • Career Assessment
  • Improvement Plan Development
  • Separation Strategy Development and Management

Competency Model Development

Human Resource Solutions will develop and assist in the deployment of a customized, position-specific competency model that is focused on the selection process, and will integrate into your talent or global management plan. The competency model is developed to match your specific organization and its unique needs and culture, focusing on:

  • Identification of high priority behaviors, skills and competencies that will have the greatest impact on success
  • The development of customized interview guides, scoring sheets, and a behavioral interviewing primer
  • The creation of comprehensive, customized list of thoughtfully created behavioral interview questions for each competency with follow-up probe questions
  • A success looks like section that provides a thorough listing of what the interviewer needs to listen for (markers of success)

Recruitment Related Services

Under special circumstances, specific parts of the search process can be independently contracted. Examples include: organizational information about a particular company or functional area, salary surveys, target list identification, prospect identification, candidate interview and negotiation, candidate reference checks or an approach to a known candidate with the maintenance of client anonymity. Fees for these special services are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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