Finding and recruiting world-class executive candidates is one of the most challenging and critical responsibilities I have. The future success and growth of our business is dependent on how well this very important role is performed. I recently had the privilege of partnering with Woody Daroca at Human Resource Solutions to help us identify and recruit a senior executive candidate for a key growth position. My experience during this process was nothing less than outstanding. Very early in the process, I began to see the depth of the personal level of engagement he would provide to our search. I had never seen this level of engagement by any other search consultant I had worked with. Woody’s ability to accurately capture our needs in a well-defined position profile was instrumental in getting this search off on the right foot. He was extremely proactive at every stage of the process and made sure every interaction, whether with candidates or me (his client), was managed professionally and efficiently. He is resourceful and used his strong connections to bring us a solid and relevant slate of candidates. Woody stayed deeply engaged every step of the way and it was apparent that he was as vested as I was in the success of our selected candidate. We could not be more pleased with the results and will definitely call upon Woody again!
Jenna Nelson, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

HR Solutions learned the needs of our business, its culture, and our goals before conducting a thorough search for a senior level position in a growing part of our company. We were very pleased with their high level of engagement, professionalism, high standards and commitment to identify high quality talent. We will use their search services to source management talent in the future.
Todd Foje, Chief Executive Officer, Great Plains Communications

HRS has been a key member of the Pendum team as we continue to rebuild the company. Finding candidates is not difficult in today’s economy. Finding talent is another story. HRS has recruited and added six key senior leadership candidates in the past 12 months and every hire has been a home run. Bottom line, HRS plays a key role in our success every day.
Brad Browder, President & CEO, Pendum, LLC

I’ve had the opportunity to work with HRS as both someone who was recruited and as someone who was recruiting. My experience in both situations has been exceptional. What stands out with HRS is their resourcefulness, their speed, and their ability to understand our business needs. In my most recent search with HRS, I had very specific requirements and a very short timeframe. HRS took the time to understand our specific business needs and desired behavior characteristics of our ideal candidate. HRS was able to penetrate the target companies and industries I had recommended and put together an interview slate within four weeks of our engagement. HRS quickly narrowed down a very wide pool of talent to the top three candidates. All three candidates were an excellent fit for our organization. Now that we have hired several candidates through HRS, I can state unequivocally that these employees are among the top performers in our business.
Jeff Gardner, Chief Executive Officer, Zen Planner, LLC

Effectively filling critical, executive-level roles is a top priority for business leaders. It requires a thorough understanding of the culture and critical business drivers of the hiring organization. HRS has excelled at quickly understanding both, and in turn, is able to develop a clear search strategy, an appropriate list of target companies, and highly qualified candidates in a timely manner. HRS makes a personal investment in all aspects of the search, by personally visiting corporate headquarters to get a real feel for the environment. They do not rely solely on a database of candidates, phone screens or video conferences. Instead, HRS conducts in-depth, face-to-face interviews with potential candidates and administers behavioral and values profiles to help us better understand, and then transition, our new executive hires. This level of engagement is rare in the executive search industry, and has led to our hiring of numerous, successful, senior level executives with the skills, experience, and personal characteristics necessary for success in our companies within several industries. I would recommend HRS without reservation for your key executive search needs.
Bob Berwanger, President, Recreational Products Group, Bell Industries, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Woody Daroca on a couple different hiring needs. I found his approach to be highly collaborative in really listening to our needs and adapting as they changed over time.  Because of the investment he made in the beginning, the quality of the candidates that came through were truly good matches, not just from a job perspective but culturally, as well.  The additional time Woody invested into knowing our company, really analyzing the candidates, and providing us with an on-boarding plan not only worked but it saved me time and money in our search.  I’d recommend Woody Daroca and his team without reservation for your recruiting needs.
Dennis Weikle, Chief Operating Officer, Direct Energy – Residential

HRS conducted a Management Team assessment and improvement consultation process that was vital in assisting us to build an enhanced management team that was able to take our business to the next level, and increase shareholder value. Regarding HRS’ Executive Search capabilities, the time, effort, personal attention, and level of understanding they put into understanding our business and strategy was more than I have experienced with anyone else. The selection of candidates HRS brought to the table during the search process was impressive; we could have hired all three candidates that were presented. We look forward to challenging HRS further as we continue to leverage their expertise in helping companies build world class management teams.
Edward R. Flaherty, President & CEO, TrenStar Inc.

I first met Woody when he recruited me for a Senior Management position at a high technology company.  I was so impressed with the thoroughness of his process that I decided to use him for my Senior Management searches. TruStile is a high-growth private equity-owned company and we have very high performance standards.  Woody completed two critical searches for us and the results could not have been better.  In addition, Woody had been invaluable to me as a sounding board for business and personnel issues even when we are not conducting a search.
Scott A. Schmid, President and CEO, TruStile Doors, LLC

Human Resource Solutions is an excellent partner in helping organizations identify and select key management talent.  When we first worked with Woody Daroca at Human Resource Solutions, we were absolutely delighted at how thorough he was in learning about our business. Additionally, he conducted targeted interviews that assessed exactly what we were looking for in a candidate.  Woody Daroca prides himself on not just placing a person in a job but making sure that the company and the individual experience success in the long term with that placement.  Woody Daroca is definitely a trusted advisor for us.
Christine Kneeland, COO, Center Partners

I really enjoy working with Woody Daroca. He’s become one of my most trusted and valued advisors over the past 12 years. I know Woody has our best interests at heart, and sometimes that means he has to deliver some tough messages. He’s outstanding at walking that fine line between saying what needs to be said and letting the other party fill in the rest without getting overly defensive or antagonistic. Woody is incredibly resourceful, he listens well, and he evolves with us as our needs and priorities change. We use him for everything from personality/style evaluation to management training to management interventions, and, of course, executive search. He’s excelled at everything he’s done for us, and I would recommend him highly to any senior executive that has a critical executive level hiring need, or a challenging HR problem to work through.
John Funk, Principal, Evergreen Innovation Partners

I have been very satisfied with the placement and assessment services which Human Resources and Woody Daroca have performed for our organization.  I believe that one of the most powerful management tools there is, is the ability to empathize. Woody takes special effort to assess the culture and surrounding environment which a role is to be filled in, so that the candidates he puts forth are going to have the right stuff to make an impact on our team.  He truly covers the Will do, Can do and Fit we are looking for members of our leadership team.
Chad A. Carlson , CEO, Startek

I have been in Human Resources for 43 years and a Senior Vice President of Human Resources for over 12 years. Having worked with numerous search firms, I can honestly say that working with Woody Daroca for the final three years prior to my retirement in January of 2008, was truly gratifying. He is a man of his word; has an incredible network of associates; and personally interviews and tests every candidate. He only sends highly qualified candidates for the client to interview. Woody’s direction and coaching compels you to define the position and clearly articulate the skills and talents required for the job. He is thorough at follow-up and will be insistent that you fulfill your part of the interview process and selection. I highly recommend Woody as an executive recruiter.
Robert M. Paul, Former SVP Human Resources, NVR, Inc.

I’ve used Human Resource Solutions for retained executive search for over a decade. Woody’s process produces a number of on-target candidates that meet our highly specialized professional requirements, as well as our unique cultural and team dynamics. Woody takes the time to thoroughly understand what drives success in our environment and assesses all candidates against this criterion. This retained process is highly cost effective when we consider the total time invested in assessing and selecting senior talent and the cost for making a mistake at this level.
Jay Kirksey, Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, StarTek, Inc.