What We Deliver

We deliver the following benefits to our clients:

  • HRS is your partner for the duration of the project and a stakeholder in achieving a successful outcome to your search project.
  • HRS will conduct on your behalf, a thorough and honest search; recruiting until your search is completed.
  • We make an extraordinary effort to understand your business circumstances and needs at a deep level.
  • HRS helps you to mitigate the executive selection process risk by:
    • Clarifying and continually refining with you, the qualifications required for success in a position.
    • Identifying, assessing, attracting and presenting a panel of highly qualified candidates.
    • Thorough candidate screening:
      • 3+ hours of behavioral interviews with each finalist candidate
      • Behavioral Preference and Values profiling
      • In-depth and thorough reference checking
  • HRS is flexible, responsive, and shares your sense of urgency.
  • HRS advises you during and after the search. We challenge your thinking, push you out of your comfort zone, provide marketplace information and perceptions of your organization.
  • We manage candidate expectations during the negotiations process and on-boarding process representing client and candidate interests.

Our Guarantee

Human Resource Solutions guarantees its work for one year. We will conduct the same search again, charging expenses only, if the executive is invited to leave because of performance or resigns for a new opportunity. Conditions under which this guarantee will not be applicable are a position or responsibility modification, including: role or assignment change because of reorganization, acquisition, merger, change of management, ownership or business direction; or an unexpected change of location.

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