Our Methodology

We strive to be your trusted advisor and understand your organization at a deep level.

Understand Client Needs

We interview the client team responsible for candidate selection. Our goal is to craft an accurate position specification and facilitate team “buy-in” of the process. We identify:

  • Unique organizational attributes, strategic goals, management style, corporate culture and values of the client organization
  • Desired candidate qualifications, competencies, behavioral attributes and leadership style critical to the success of the position in question

A position description (PD) is created. The PD provides a review of the business and professional context of the client situation. It also summarizes the background and qualifications of the ideal candidate.

Candidate Identification

With the position description (PD) in mind, we develop the “target company list”, which is a definitive list of the specific organizations in which our successful candidate is most likely working. This process of “searching” for individuals from targeted companies is comprehensive and time-intensive, and a Human Resource Solutions strength. Our extensive database of contacts is readily accessible and continually updated.

A pool of 15 to 20 candidates are identified. This initial group is narrowed to seven to nine executives who are interviewed by Human Resource Solutions.

The final group of three to five candidates is presented to the client for consideration.

Interviewing the Prospects and Introducing the Candidates

We interview all selected prospects in three to four hour face-to-face meetings. This stringent interview process ensures the best possible fit of candidates to our client’s organizations.

In advance of the client’s first meeting with each candidate, we provide the client with a detailed candidate dossier including the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, current career situation, pertinent background data and client-specific behaviorally based interview guides, if requested.

This preparation phase is critical in the search process. It is at this juncture where we begin to incorporate all of the elements: business background, technical expertise, industry presence, chemistry and cultural fit.

Psychological Profiling and Reference Checking

Human Resource Solutions processes behavioral and values profiles on qualified finalist candidates. These profiles identify the candidate’s preferred behavioral style and also his/or her likely behavior under stress. These profiles are then used as a tool to highlight a candidate’s behavioral attributes and qualities, as well as self-awareness and character. In addition, the reports identify strengths and areas for growth and development of the prospective executive.

A final report is assembled for the successful candidate that combines the results from the behavioral and values profiles, and reference checks. Using this report, we are able to assist the client in developing an effective transition and career development strategy for the new executive.

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