About HRS

Human Resource Solutions is a boutique, retained, executive search firm. Dedicated to excellence and timeliness of results, we employ a proven methodology in the execution of engagements for top executive hires and rare functional specialists.

Our mission is to not be all things to all people, but to be experts focused on recruiting senior management talent for emerging, rapidly growing or rapidly changing companies.

We are at our finest (1) finding strategic, difficult-to-locate-and-entice individuals for those situations when cultural and chemistry fit are key to the executive’s success and (2) helping to staff the core executive management teams.

Working primarily with emerging, venture-funded, or companies that are rapidly growing or changing, we specialize in the identification and attraction of entrepreneurial talent for executive teams. Our clients value our approach of project immersion and direct development of strong client relationships. Understanding our client at a deep level allows us to respond to each search with accuracy, creativity, thoroughness and attention to detail.

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